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Panel Door Designs

Here we have a versatile range and most famous Panel Door Designs in Pakistan.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your home or office, then you are on right site. DXB DOORS as door manufacturer and supplier has best quality designs of Panel doors in Lahore, Pakistan. Panel doors are one of the most famous door in Pakistan due to its versatile design and elegant look. If you want good compliments form your relatives, then panel doors are finest choice.

What is Panel Door? Structure of Panel Door.

Panel door with their trusted attributes (like long lasting, beautiful and best quality door in Lahore, Pakistan) enhance the beauty of your home or offices. Panel doors have different design pattern. Every pattern has its own beauty and specifications.

Panel door is crafted with double layer of Malaysian sheet. Panel Door is crafted with a strong wooden frame, there are different wooden lugs, between the two sheets of fiber glass, to support lock, stoppers and handles. Panel doors are 100% water resistive due to coating of 1.5mm thick Fiber glass on both sides.


Here We Have Some Modern Designs of Panel Doors:



Simple Panel Doors:

If you like simplicity, then single panel door is the best choice form your home entrance door due to its decent and simple style.

2-Panel Top Arch Texture:

People choice that item which is on trending. This panel door gets best compliment in Pakistan due to its unique top Arch design.

2-Panel Center Arch Texture:

Here at DXB Doors we crafted this panel door with a unique design of round Arch at the center of door, between two panels. The unique and modern design door looks so charming for home and offices doors.

3-Panel Oval Texture:

This door has its own beauty due to the oval shaped panel at upper panel which is seems to be cherry on cake. It is highly unique style and it is also top demanded panel door.

4-Panel Mahogany Texture:

The combination of uniqueness and elegant curve at the mid of door, between two pairs of panel, looks very charming.

6-Panel Pine Texture:

The door is designed in such a way that it gives 3D effect which looks very effective and attractive. Certainty it is best choice for bedroom doors in Pakistan.

7-Panel OAK Texture:

A more prominent design, with the combination of elegance and versatility, has its own worth in home and office where it installed.

Clifton Design Panel Door:

Clifton Design Panel door, is one of the most demanded Door Design in Pakistan. It consists in five panel and a D-shape panel which gives it more elegant look and unique style. It is finest choice for Bedroom Door as single door and for Home Entrance Door as a pair. It is a pure form of elegance.

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